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Our First red mango store Open in 2016 Al Andalus mall , Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We have a three branches in Saudi Arabia. In 2018 we are successfully open two branches located in red sea mall in Jeddah and dana mall in Yanbu city.

Our Head office located in Saudi Arabia – Jeddah – King Fahd Rd, Al-Sharfiyah, Sitteen street -Madares Street, Bin Laden Plaza 6th Floor.


red mango is all natural


  • Red mango Branches In Saudi Arabia
  • Red mango first store open in 2016 in Saudi Arabia , Jeddah , Al Andalus mall.
  • Our 2nd Branch Open in 2018 Red sea mall, Jeddah
  • Our 3rd branch open in 2018 ,Dana Mall ,Yanbu.


Pioneer of Nonfat Frozen Yogurt

Originated in 2002 in South Korea, Red Mango is recognized as the pioneer of the tart variety of nonfat frozen yogurt. Red Mango has now grown to over 150 stores worldwide, with stores in the USA, South Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and the Saudi Arabia.

Red Mango combines its refreshingly tangy frozen yogurt with fresh and exciting toppings to create a nutritious dessert that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Free of unhealthy additives like high-fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients, Red Mango’s all-natural frozen yogurt is a treat that is not only good, but good for you as well.

All-Natural Frozen Yogurt

Red Mango’s frozen yogurt is authentic, all-natural nonfat frozen yogurt that has all of yogurt’s natural goodness, such as calcium, protein and live and active cultures that are good for your body. It contains no artificial ingredients, and is 100% nonfat.

Whether Original or Green Tea, Red Mango frozen yogurt promotes good health, making it an extremely satisfying dessert you can eat every morning, day or night.

The Original Frozen Yogurt Brand

Relay International Co., Ltd. started the global frozen yogurt trend in 2002 in Seou  l, Korea.

Red Mango Existing in around more than 300 locations world wide and yes, every spoonful is still as good as the first.

red mango with its proprietary frozen yogurt served with fresh fruit & healt  hy toppings–was created as the healthier alternative to ice cream.

ll Red Mango is the original and leading frozen yogurt brand in the world.

ll Red Mango is the fastest growing retailer of authentic frozen yogurt.

ll Red Mango is committed to providing the tastiest, freshest and healthiest all-na  tural products for loyal customers around the world.

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